Formula Student (FS) is the most prestigious worldwide educational motor racing competition supported by numerous high-profile companies from the industry, whose aim is to develop enterprising and innovative young engineers, as well as to encourage young people to enter engineering world.

The competition format provides an ideal opportunity for students to test, demonstrate and improve their ability to create a complex product in an extremely demanding environment of the motorsport competition. Numerous world-renowned automotive companies are conditioning participation in FS competition for recruiting young engineers.

Since its foundation in 2010, FESB Racing has been continuously developing new solutions and concepts for the FS competition.


The MotoStudent (MS) competition was established as a model of Formula Student with a greater emphasis on motorsport. It is supported by Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF) and TechnoPark MotorLanda. The competition is held every two years at MotoGP "Motorland Aragón FIM" in Spain, while the concepts of motorcycles are very similar to those in the Moto3 category of professional competitions.

This competition is a challenge for students to use engineering principles and gained knowledge to demonstrate their skills in designing, developing and testing the motorcycle, which is reflected in the final racing on the track. The MS distinguishes itself from the FS primarily because it offers, in addition to other static and dynamic disciplines, a classic motorsport race - the exercise, the qualification and the main race of all participants.

Since 2015, FESB Racing has actively participated in MS competitions and after its first appearance with the motorcycle "FRTm01" in 2016, it continues to develop new projects.

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