The electronics team is divided into sub teams software, hardware, wiring, HV systems and DAQ.
The hardware team is developing PCBs that meet demanding automotive standards. The task of the software team is to develop firmware for microcontrollers on PCBs and other software tools that help in the development and testing of cars. The HV team is developing and simulating the battery pack of an electric car. The wiring team is in charge of connecting the electrical components on the cars in a reliable way. The DAQ team collects and processes data which is then analyzed to find ways to increase car performance.

Hardware - prototyping, design and testing of PCBs
Embedded software - development of software for embedded systems consisting of STM32 and ATmega microcontrollers and development of GUI applications and Linux operating systems for Raspberry Pi microcomputers
Wiring - designing and building the wiring of the entire car
HV systems (High Voltage systems) - simulation and production of electric car battery pack, implementation of BMS system
DAQ (Data acuqisition) - Development of tools for collecting and visualizing data from the vehicle, adjusting ECU parameters, calibration of sensors on the car

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